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Did you know that our air quality can be worse in the winter than at any other time of the year?

Learn more about temperature inversion and winter air pollution in the Rogue Valley.

Inversion Layer over the Rogue Valley

Telecommuting Fact Sheet

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Source: Federal Highway Administration


People are finding out why it makes sense to telecommute. You have more time on your hands if they aren't on the wheel! Instead of fighting traffic, you have more time for your family and hobbies...or for work. Plus, you'll help to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution, which means you'll save more than just time and money.

Here are some telecommuting facts to consider:

  • Americans spend more than 100 hours commuting from home to work each year, equal to 2½ weeks of vacation! If you consider a round-trip, this doubles. (The average daily one-way commute takes about 25 minutes.)5
  • Telecommuting—just one day a week for a year—can save the typical commuter about 1,200 miles on his or her vehicle and more than 58 gallons of gas. If your commute is more than the average 25 miles roundtrip, you could save even more time, money, and gas!3
  • The typical "peak period" traveler uses an extra 28 gallons of fuel per year due to inefficient vehicle operation in congested conditions.6
  • A National Household Travel Survey showed that commuting has declined as a share of all vehicle trips—from nearly 33% in 1969 to less than 15% 30 years later—so it's important to look beyond your commuting trips for ways to reduce driving.2

There's a nationwide initiative to encourage employers to offer their employees a broad range of commuting options, including telecommuting. It's called Best Workplaces for Commuters (BWC). In addition to saving time telecommuting outsideand money, BWC employers and employees report high rates of productivity, strong morale, and less stress trying to juggle family and work commitments. So, ask about it at work. (Visit for more information.)

Telecommuting Activities

For a list of work tasks that are conducive to telecommuting, click this link.